Huawei’s HD videoconferencing TE30 comes with innovative features

Infotech Lead India: Hucomawei’s HD videoconferencing system TE30 es with several innovative features.

The new HD videoconferencing system is available in India. HCL is the distributor.

Huawei calls TE 30 as the all-in-one HD videoconferencing for Indian CIOs.

The Chinese ICT solutions vendor focused on speed and easiness when it innovated the VC solution.

Indian SMBs will be one of the focus areas for Huawei in the enterprise market.

Huawei TE 30’s Installation and deployment can be wrapped up within 5 minutes.

Sonia Ahluwalia, head – South Region, Enterprise BG India, said: “Huawei’s unified communication solutions provide seamless collaboration experience across geographies and space and help to build unified and efficient teams.”

Huawei TE30 has a sleek interface and an exquisite rack.

Moreover, Huawei TE30 adopts an All-In-One design with a camera, microphone and codec integrated, eliminating the need for complicated cables to provide a much more tidy and clean setup.

Microphone array and control pad can connect to the endpoint via Wi-Fi. An enterprise user with Huawei TE30 can transform a regular conference room into an HD video conference room within 5 minutes, without any assistance from professionals.

Huawei TE30 can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or placed on the TV to accommodate the user’s deployment requirements.

Huawei TE30 enables people to have voice dialing. Huawei TE30 will recognize the command and call the site.

Huawei TE30 adopts H.264 high profile (HP) and Huawei Video Motion Enhancement (VME) 2.0 for enhanced video processing. Huawei TE30 consumes far less bandwidth than competing products while delivering the same high video quality, significantly reducing user bandwidth investments.

Moreover, Huawei TE30 adopts H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and SEC 3.0, which enables conferences to go on smoothly even when the packet loss ratio reaches 20 percent.

Also, Huawei TE30 incorporates face detection and frame rate doubling technology, delivering a stable video communication experience across different environments.

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