Huawei reveals Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture at HNC2015

Enterprise networking supplier Huawei revealed the launch of its cloud service-oriented Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture — leveraging software defined network (SDN) technology — at the HNC2015 (Huawei Network Congress 2015).

Huawei’s Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture, a data center network solution, supports service innovation and implementation, and ICT resource integration for cloud computing.

Liu Shaowei, president of Switch and Enterprise Communication Product Line, Huawei, said: “Our latest Cloud Fabric 3.0 is developed to help enterprise build data centers that are elastic and scalable to support evolving business needs.”

Huawei’s Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture features the Fully-Connected Data Center SDN Solution and 100G Connection & 25G Access System.

Liu Shaowei of Huawei
The solution adopts an open architecture, including CloudEngine series data center switches and Agile Controller. The solution integrates Huawei’s new software-defined data center storage area network (DC-SAN) – Software Defined Storage Network (SDSN) introduced at HNC2015, with its existing data center local area network (DC-LAN) and data center interconnect (DCI) network to help build better connected data centers.

Huawei’s new SDSN centrally deploys fiber channel (FC) protocol stacks on Huawei’s Agile Controller, implementing unified control and management of storage networks. SDSN eliminates the drawback of a limited number of traditional FC storage network nodes (less than 239), improving the network capacity.

Huawei said that the System increases the interconnection rate of a data center’s switching network from 10G/40 to 100G and supports the access of 25GE servers.

Huawei’s CE12800 series data center provides up to 160 Tbps upgraded core switches performance. This apart, Huawei 36*100GE line card supports 3.6T line-speed forwarding, which is three times the industry average.

The Huawei CloudEngine 8860 data center TOR switch provides high-density 25GE access and 100GE uplink connection. In addition, the Huawei FusionServer series servers increase bandwidth by two and a half times and delivers lower network latency.

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