Huawei launches Petabit core router platform

Huawei has launched largest Petabit Core Router platform, NetEngine 9000 (NE9000) at Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen 2015.

NE9000 is designed to meet the demands of the operators to deliver next-generation data center (DC) centric networks.

By 2020, 70 percent of the services will be deployed on cloud so DCs are becoming the core of the networks.

Huawei has released the petabit core router to help operators with backbone networks and to reduce network delays.

The new product supports the industry’s first 2T router line card and leading SDN/NFV technology meets the requirement of the next generation DC-centric network.

Company said maximum capacity of 8 Tbit/s per slot is supported by NE9000 and cluster system capacity scales up to 8Pbit/s.

The cluster system capacity leads to download speed of 12,000 4K videos per second.

Operators can simplify the network, reduce the network delay and bring an inspiring experience to users with NE9000.

NE9000 supports SDN/NFV and enable network capability and optimize OAM efficiency and build an open, smart, and efficient next generation DC-centric backbone network.

Company officials said, NE9000 is based on a programmable chipset and elastic distributed operation system.

The new petabit core router opens network capability through virtualized, automated, and intellectualized technologies and can adjust the network routing adapt to the dynamic variation of DC backbone traffic and improve network resources utilization.

“The Huawei NE9000 can accelerate the innovation for high-end router technologies and network architecture, meeting operator demands for next generation DC-centric networks.” said Gai Gang, president, Router and Carrier Ethernet Product Line, Huawei.

Few days ago, Huawei introduced new FireHunter Sandbox and Anti-advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution to detect and report up to 99.5 percent of grey traffic in real-time via local and cloud techniques such as reputation scanning, real-time behavior analysis, and big data correlation.

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