Huawei Launches IP Club Member Program at Asia Pacific Network Summit 2023

Huawei, a global leader in technology and innovation, unveiled the Asia Pacific edition of its IP Club member program at the Huawei Network Summit 2023 held in the Asia Pacific region. The event witnessed the enrollment of over 350 IP Club members, marking a significant step towards fostering digital transformation across industries in the Asia Pacific area.
Vincent LiuThe IP Club initiative, pioneered by Huawei, aims to establish a collaborative platform for IT managers, IP technology experts, and engineers to share ideas and insights openly. Since its inception with the first IP Club event in Japan in 2018, Huawei has successfully hosted nearly 700 IP Club gatherings spanning 35 countries and regions, attracting over 30,000 participants.

As the momentum of IP Club activities continues to surge globally, Huawei elevated its IP Club events into a comprehensive IP Club member community in 2020. Presently, Huawei boasts a robust IP Club membership system, with nearly 2600 registered members from around the world.

Members of the IP Club benefit from exclusive access to comprehensive IP technology information and specialized technological insights offered by Huawei. This access enhances their perspectives on the IP industry. Additionally, IP Club members enjoy direct engagement with Huawei’s global experts to delve into cutting-edge IP technologies. Tailored activities exclusively for members foster meaningful interactions among peers within the IP industry, with unique bonus points providing incentives for valuable contributions.

By fostering enhanced connectivity, the IP Club serves as a conduit for collaboration among global thought leaders, experts, and peers. The platform facilitates discussions on forthcoming network trends, navigates challenges, explores emerging opportunities, and delves into network construction practices across industries during their digital transformation journey. Through this initiative, participants unite in seizing new prospects for industry advancement, collectively steering towards a future shaped by innovative network solutions.

The launch of the IP Club member program at the Huawei Network Summit 2023 signals a strategic move towards accelerating digital transformation, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative growth across the Asia Pacific region’s diverse industries.

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