Huawei, Imation unveil storage solutions for media industry at NAB 2014

Huawei and Imation have demonstrated storage solutions for the media industry at NAB Show 2014 in the U.S.

Imation is expanding the Nexsan E-Series storage solutions targeting the media and entertainment end users.

Imation said E-Series products offer a variety of benefits to the media and entertainment industry, including:

The new E-Series solutions come with optimized HDDs, performance-optimized HDDs and SSDs in one system to accommodate applications based on performance or capacity needs to deliver up to 72TB in 2U, 240TB per 4U and 2.88PB per rack.

The new storage also leverages a latest mechanical design, including Cool Drive Technology and anti-vibration design that significantly reduces heat and vibration and improves system reliability and performance.

Jane Li, COO of Huawei Enterprise USA

The company said Engage Nexsan AutoMAID disk management will reduce power consumption by up to 87 percent, cutting operating expenses and extending the overall life of the system without sacrificing performance when you need it.

Huawei will display its new storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries at the NAB Show.

At NAB, Huawei Enterprise will introduce its solutions for TV stations, film post-production, media cloud and media storage as a solution.

“We are bringing our solutions to the media and entertainment industry, providing NAB attendees more performance combined with reduced total cost of ownership,” said Jane Li, COO of Huawei Enterprise USA.

Huawei Enterprise will demo media Cloud IT Infrastructure Solutions which provides virtual and unified IT resource management; virtual data center and virtual private cloud configuration; and efficient data migration.

Media & Entertainment Storage Solution for Film Post-production delivers 7Gbps throughput that can handle 1080 dpi, 2K and 4K streams, while reducing power consumption up to 70 percent.

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