Huawei demos new server products on Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors at IDF 2014

Enterprise networking vendor Huawei showcased its server products and solutions using Intel Xeon processors at the Shenzhen-based IDF 2014.

At IDF 2014, Intel demonstrated the efficiency and value of its chips in IT infrastructure, mobile devices, and interconnected pipelines.

Running on Intel Xeon processor family, Huawei IT products and solutions include servers, storage, cloud computing, big data, data centers, and network interconnection to mobile devices.

The Intel Xeon E7 v2processor-based server products include the RH8100 V3 eight-socket server, the RH5885H V3 four-socket server, and the E9000 converged architecture blade server.

The Chinese IT solutions vendor also showcased FusionCube and its high-performance computing (HPC) solutions that use Huawei’s servers, and the Trusted FusionCloud solution that includes Huawei TPM2.0 servers.

Features of Huawei RH8100 V3

Huawei RH8100 V3 runs on Intel’s Xeon E7-8800 v2 processor which provides up to 60 features across reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). RH5885H V3 offers double the computing performance and triple the memory capacity when compared with Huawei’s RH5885 V2. In addition, up to 16 PCIe slots can be used to address customer requirements for service expansion.

Huawei E9000 converged architecture blade server

The Huawei E9000 converged architecture blade server is competitive in the hardware computing platform in terms of availability, computing density, energy saving and emission reduction, backplane bandwidth, intelligent management and service, in addition to the elastic configuration and flexible expansion of computing and storage resources, low network latency, and application acceleration.

Huawei competes with Cisco, Dell, HP, Juniper Networks, etc. in the enterprise IT market. Due to lack of strong product innovation and channel strategy, Huawei enterprise business is yet to take on larger rivals.

Huawei Unveils Servers at IDF 2014

Huawei’s FusionCube solution

Huawei FusionCube solution uses the Huawei E9000 converged architecture blade server and is a one-stop enterprise IT solution with the highest integration and cost efficiency. It enables the automatic deployment of computing, converged network, storage, virtualization, and middleware. This significantly improves efficiency in IT management, operation, and maintenance, to help customers achieve one-stop deployment and application.

Huawei Trusted FusionCloud solution

Huawei Trusted FusionCloud solution uses servers based on Huawei’s TPM2.0 technology at IDF 2014. TPM2.0 security chips and Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) together ensure secure and trusted virtualization and cloud computing platforms.

Huawei’s FusionSphere cloud operating system protects system integrity using TPM2.0 server and vTPM technology. TPM2.0 enables bidirectional access and health checks between cloud resources and terminals.

Huawei E2E HPC solution features modular design, rapid deployment, efficient management, and eco-friendliness.

In hardware, Huawei provides high-performance servers, large-capacity storage devices, and high-bandwidth switch networks to address HPC requirements.

In software, Huawei provides centralized management over clouds and high-performance clusters to enable seamless evolution from physical clusters to clouds.

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