HPE launches new software to help organizations address compliance risk


At the LegalTech Conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the availability of its new hosted software solution HPE Investigative Analytics.

Designed for financial institutions and other highly regulated organizations to identify and analyze risk events, the HPE Investigative Analytics is part of HPE’s Information Management and Governance portfolio, and also a core component of HPE’s Protect the Digital Enterprise transformational strategy.

“Keeping ahead of unethical and illegal activity is imperative for organizations of all sizes today in order to protect themselves from fines, sanctions and negative publicity that can materially affect shareholder value,” said David Jones, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Information Management & Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“With HPE Investigative Analytics, we have built on our strong heritage in compliance and analytics software to deliver a solution that analyzes more data at a deeper level than alternatives to deliver the greatest amount of insurance possible to our customers.”

According to a 2015 Morgan Stanley report, global financial institutions have paid $260 billion in fines since 2009 due in connection with regulatory issues. Regulators are now on high-alert and new compliance guidelines and directives are being imposed on organizations every day.

Meeting compliance requirements and stopping fraud is no small task for today’s global organizations.

HPE promises its new solution will protect organisations from this growing compliance crisis.

Arya MM

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