How IBM fueling New Jersey Turnpike Authority in improving traffic flow

Enterprise IT solutions supplier IBM said its transportation management solution helps in minimizing congestion and improving traffic flow for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA).

This solution, which is part of NJTA’s Advanced Traffic Management Program (ATMP), will serve both the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway in the United States.

Since IBM has created a centralized, federated command and control system that manages nearly a thousand devices, traffic management professionals at the NJTA will benefit from a single view with intuitive access to the sophisticated tools necessary for the management of information such as updating speed limits and travel messages to drivers.

IBM Traffic Management Software
Connecting an array of systems into a central location enables the NJTA to react and respond to real-time information about roadway conditions that serves to reduce congestion and delays faced by motorists.

IBM North America General Manager Elly Keinan said: “Using an Internet of Things approach in creating a modern turnpike will allow the NJTA to easily add enhancements to the road system such as advanced analytics and predictive capabilities in the future for traffic prediction, incident detection, and other roadway optimization capabilities.”

In future phases, the ATMP will use data generated from over 3,000 sensors to optimize response times for all forms of traffic incidents and reduction of secondary incidents. The new system provides central management of approximately 900 devices that include: variable message (VMS), drum (CM) and portable signs, in addition to newly designed hybrid (VMS/Drum) displays and traffic cameras.

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