How Dell supports manufacturing customers

Dell today said manufacturing customers globally are utilizing its solutions to ensure top product quality and real-time results.

Customers can utilize Internet of Things (IoT) to examine their own cycles and identify where they can adopt new technologies and services to help increase their productivity excellence.

Gartner forecasts that from an industry perspective, manufacturing, utilities and transportation will be the top three verticals using IoT in 2015; altogether, they will have 736 million connected things in use.

“At Dell, we leverage best practices and solutions from our world-class manufacturing expertise, and build industry solutions to enable our manufacturing customers to differentiate in the overall quality of products they are able to produce,” said Eric Clark, vice president of commercial industries, Dell Services.

Dell Services recently assisted two manufacturing customers, Scapa Group and Greene, Tweed, to develop a shop floor strategy to maximize overall control of their production by increasing visibility, product traceability and reporting.

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Scapa Group, a manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components for applications in the electronics, healthcare, industrial and automotive markets, has selected Dell to automate manual processes at its production facility and upgrade to the latest version of the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application for its shop floor.

Scapa streamlined data collection and archiving as well as centralize production processes. Post-installation, Dell continues to work closely with Scapa, offering additional strategic and technical resources.

Greene, Tweed, a manufacturer in thermoplastics, elastomers and composite components, implemented SAP MII in 16 weeks to improve statistical process control with real-time quality data recording and analysis on the shop floor. The company has achieved better production efficiency, implementing the right technology to help reduce inspection needs, improve visibility and implement proactive production processes. Greene, Tweed improved accuracy by eliminating manual entry of quality control data and improved worker productivity by gaining access to real-time data.

Dell Services solutions for the manufacturing industry include Dell SAP Shop Floor Services, a service that guides businesses through a cost-effective and efficient automated solution to help improve business processes and increase competitive positioning by helping establish a system architecture and develop a clear roadmap for their entire shop floor system.

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