Hitachi opens new research facility in California  

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Hitachi and Hitachi America opened a new research facility, the Global Center for Social Innovation – North America (CSI-North America), for collaborative creation with strategic partners in industry and academia.

The new facility, located in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, represents the first regional Hitachi R&D center outside of Japan.

In a press statement, Hitachi said its global initiative underlines its commitment to address the complex business environment.

Hitachi had realigned the global research organization in April 2015 into three to lead this initiative. Those are – Global Center for Social Innovation (“CSI”), the Center for Technology Innovation, and the Center for Exploratory Research.

Hitachi said a key feature of the co-innovation process in the Global Center for Social Innovation (“CSI”) is the presence of cross-disciplinary researchers, designers and solution architects.


CSI – North America, the regional center for the Americas, focuses on market opportunities in areas such as energy & natural resources, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare.

Hitachi said its current projects have already started yielding results, such as the network-analytics solution proposed by CSI-North America, which leverages streaming data processing technology developed in the Center for Technology Innovation in Japan.

“To achieve both real economic value and value to society, technology innovation has moved into an era which goes beyond the confines of one company or even one industry sector.” said Keiji Kojima, Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd., CTO, and President & CEO of the Research and Development Group.

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