Hitachi-LG Data Storage adds Optical Archiving Library System for enterprises

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) today announced its Optical Archiving Library System (Model HL100) for enterprise market – especially vertical industries and data centers.

Lower power consumption as well as lower CO2 emissions compared to HDD or tape-based solutions are its main advantages.

Kenichi Takamoto, president of Enterprise Storage Business Unit at Hitachi-LG Data Storage, said:  “In this era of big data, it’s a very intelligent solution to the challenges posed by exponentially expanding unstructured digital data.”

It also increases the utilization of storage resources while scaling cold storage needs at lower costs.

The HLDS Optical Archiving Library System benefits from Blu-ray media to preserve data for 50 years or more.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage

Each library has 50TB of raw capacity, and with nine libraries per rack, a single rack can hold 450TB. Despite the imposing numbers, the HL100’s power consumption of full rack is a scant 810W in idle mode.

The HL100’s error correcting code (ECC) capabilities make it more reliable than tape-based systems. Since it is intended to facilitate long-term storage, there is less need for data migration. It cuts down on operating costs, HLDS said.

The HL100 and specifications:

4U Rack Mount Form Factor (Housing 2 Media Cartridges)

500 Discs: 50TB in Raw Capacity (BD-TL 100GB/250 Discs per Cartridge)

Scalable up to 450TB per 42 U Rack (Max. 9 Libraries per 42U Rack)

High Throughput via 12 BD-drives at Full Throttle

Easy Cartridge Replacement Architecture

Redundant Robotic Components

Power Consumption of only 90 Watts (Idle)

Energy Passive Off-line Storage for Low-Opex

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