GSMA Innovation City steals the show at MWC 2015

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona features a small city to demonstrate smart city technologies.

The GSMA Innovation City offers a real world city environment that includes a café, a theatre, shops, trains, connected cars and a dental spa.

Sierra Wireless is showcasing some of its customers’ IoT solutions as a part of GSMA Innovation city. The IoT solution is based on the technologies from Sierra Wireless.

Sierra Wireless and OxBlue are demonstrating a solution that enables the monitoring of construction projects with high resolution time lapse cameras equipped with AirLink intelligent wireless gateways.  The feed from the cameras can be accessed with any internet connected device through OxBlue’s secure data servers.

GSMA Innovation City

Another highlight of the smart city is the public connected lighting system, which improves public safety, manages energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs. It can be remotely managed and adjusted to a city’s need.

Philips has created a Philips CityTouch software based management and control dashboard that can be accessed anywhere in the world through a secure login. Philips CityTouch creates a clear picture of a city’s lightning infrastructure.

Philips CityTouch brings savings up to 70 percent of the energy and maintenance costs thanks to its ability to remotely manage street lights, gain exact data on energy usage, create automatic failure notifications and eliminate the need for scouting rounds while ensuring citizens feel safe.

Scheider’s Electic’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is a comprehensive hardware and software solution connected by AirVanatge Cloud and AirLink programmable gateway, which offers secure and reliable cellular connectivity.

Schneider and its customers can manage the dispersed charging stations from a central location by using remote monitoring and control capabilities enabled by Airvantage.

Shilpa Khatri

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