Fujitsu to open center for research and development in Israel

Fujitsu has revealed plans to open a new center for research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel, accelerating the recruitment to advance innovation in the field of data and security.
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Fujitsu aims to enhance its presence in Israel with a team of experts recruited from Israel alongside researchers from Japan and Europe. This team will be dedicated to strengthening security technology for communications networks as part of Fujitsu’s global strategy for Data and Security, one of five key technology areas under the company’s global R&D strategy. Adel Rouz, CEO of Fjitsu Research of Europe, will head the research team.

Fujitsu CTO Vivek Mahajan said: “I look forward to recruiting more local researchers to join our team in Tel Aviv and contribute to our mission of delivering security and trust for network technologies, as well as further deepening collaboration with Ben Gurion University.”

Fujitsu is developing IDYX technology, CDL technology, and transparent trust technology to help realize trust on a global scale in the data and security space.

Fujitsu’s IDYX (IDentitY eXchange) technology securely distributes personal identities (such as IDs and attribute information) among companies and individuals.

Fujitsu’s CDL (Chain Data Lineage) technology can trace the distribution process and processing of data and goods back to their origin. Ensures end-to-end traceability of data and goods across organizations and improve the reliability of data distribution across industries.

Fujitsu’s Transparent trust technology prevents falsification in the creation and approval of business data exchanged between companies and government ministries, and to ensure its authenticity.

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