Fujitsu changes theme to focus on digital business

Fujitsu said it changed the theme to Co-creation for Success as part of its strategy to win digital transformation deals.

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Fujitsu for IT transformationFujitsu has delivered outcomes ranging from improvement of efficiency in manufacturing to the transformation of the customer experience in retail and financial services.

Fujitsu introduced success factors for digital transformation, while proposing a new approach to transforming data into value, trends in breakthrough technologies, and new business and societal models in the era of IoT, AI, and Blockchain.

Fujitsu first published the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision in April 2013 and updated it annually since then.

3 new key messages in Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2018

Six success factors for digital transformation

Organizations that delivered greater outcomes showed higher capabilities across six factors: Leadership, People, Agility, Business Integration, Ecosystem and Value from Data. We call these six success factors digital muscles. The stronger their digital muscles, the better the likelihood of delivering success. Digital transformation is not about digital technology, but it is a journey affecting every part of the enterprise.

Fujitsu’s breakthrough approach to creating value from data

Fujitsu provides a digital business platform, solutions and services, which connect AI, IoT, Cloud and Security technologies. In addition, Fujitsu is pushing the boundaries of technology to solve business and social challenges.

Fujitsu has realized the implementation of Explainable AI. Fujitsu’s Human Centric AI Zinrai is able to explain the logic behind its insights, while other existing AI technologies are not able to do so.

Fujitsu’s new computing architecture — Digital Annealer — is able to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems.

People and AI will collaborate

Fujitsu believes a new type of organization called a Learning Enterprise will emerge in this era of IoT, AI, and Blockchain. People will collaborate with AI to learn from experience and data, and create innovation.

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