Freescale introduces Intelligent Sensing Framework 2.1

Freescale Semiconductor has launched Intelligent Sensing Framework (ISF) 2.1, which includes integration with Freescale’s Processor Expert tool to help create, configure, and generate embedded sensor-based applications for Freescale microcontrollers (MCUs).

This integration speeds and simplifies the development of sensor based solutions for the Internet of Tomorrow.

Company said embedded developers need to find ways to quickly and easily integrate multiple streams of sensor data with the MCUs powering their applications. Integration between Freescale’s ISF and Expert development technology provides an easy to use tool for them.

According to company officials, ISF 2.1 streamlines and simplifies the process of abstracting and incorporating multiple sensor data streams into a device or application based on Freescale’s Kinetis MCUs.

ISF 2.1 can also reduce time-to-market for sensor based IoT applications by leveraging Freescale’s Kinetis MCUs, connectivity solutions, IoT protocols and security solutions.


The framework can be deployed across a wide range of Freescale Kinetis MCUs.

Additionally, the framework complements Freescale’s broad MCU enablement ecosystem and provides developers a seamless and integrated design environment for incorporating Freescale MCUs and sensors into customers’ embedded system designs.

Developers can also switch between sensors without additional coding as framework delivers sensor data in common engineering units.

The ISF 2.1 additional features are register-level interface to sensors, user defined serial data streaming, support for the CodeWarrior and Kinetis Design Studio IDEs.

Last year in October, Freescale Semiconductor unveiled a new set of hardware/software solution to enable automotive grade Ethernet connectivity for next generation infotainment, instrument cluster, camera telematics and rear seat entertainment designs.

Also, Freescale Semiconductor introduced QorIQ LS1043A communications processor, the new power-efficient 64-bit ARM-based processor for the new virtual network in October last year.

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