Frasers Property selects Juniper Networks to upgrade network infrastructure

Frasers Property Australia has selected Juniper Networks to upgrade its network infrastructure in order to enhance and IT efficiency.
Juniper Networks for enterprise technologyJuniper Networks said its AI-driven network has enabled Frasers Property Australia to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing the time to implement network changes from an average of six weeks to five minutes.

Frasers Property has rolled out Juniper’s AI-driven network across 35 residential and commercial properties to streamline operations, while automating key network tasks, eliminating network downtime and delivering a better user experience.

Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches provide a flexible enterprise network fabric that seamlessly connects all its properties, headquarters, sales offices, construction sites and data centers, delivering an efficient and scalable way to support its expanding operations.

Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways coupled with Junos Space Security Director manages security policies on-premises and in the cloud, enabling network traffic to be secure while safeguarding tenants, staff and visitors against cyber threats.

Juniper Wireless Access Points, in concert with the Juniper Mist Wired Assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant cloud services, enable Frasers Property to deliver superior user experiences, while simplifying and automating IT operations allowing the IT team to respond to and resolve network issues quickly across geographically-vast sites.

Frasers Property is keen to explore how Juniper Mist User Engagement can deliver marketing insights at its retail centers by leveraging the virtual Bluetooth LE technology built into the Access Points they have already deployed.

“Juniper has brought the simplicity and speed of AI-driven operations and actions to our campus and branch networks, delivering superior and secure connectivity to end-users. We look forward to continue leveraging Juniper Mist AI to optimize user experiences and discover new ways to engage with visitors,”
Prabhat Govind, IT Operations and Technology Manager, Frasers Property, said.

“With an AI-driven network by Juniper, we are confident that Frasers Property in Australia has the foundation to continue delivering secure, high-performance connectivity to end-users, while supporting the company’s future growth plans across the country,” Bruce Bennie, VP & GM, ANZ, Juniper Networks, said.

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