European CIOs block Facebook, while more Indians use mobile for accessing

Infotech Lead India: CIOs of European enterprises block Facebook in their offices. In India, more users access the social media via mobile.

“Because if you think about it in US, most of the people started on desktop and moved to mobile. It is India that is causing us to rethink our model. Because many people are going to Facebook first on mobile and they might never go to desktop again,” said Kirthiga Reddy, director – online operations and head of office – India, Facebook.

The situation prompted Facebook to come out with many innovations so that the site can be accessed through any mobile phone.

Currently language translation is available in eight languages (for India users) in Facebook.

Globally, Facebook has 300,000 users that contributed for translation of local languages. Translate tool is open for a few other languages.

Facebook had a user-base of 8 million when it started its office in India in 2010. It has grown to 15 million users since then. 50 percent of the active users log into their account every single day.

Social Media Shunned by CIOs as 67 percent Block Facebook

According to a study by Easynet and Ipanema Technologies, 67 percent of European CIOs and IT Directors said they block Facebook. 60 percent block YouTube. 49 percent block Twitter, while 56 percent block all online video.

“It’s a risky business to block social media networks and I’m genuinely shocked at the statistic showing how many companies do this. The ROI for social media is that your business will still be here in five years’ time. Half the human race is under 30, and has never known a world without the Internet. For these people the Internet, and social media along with it, is a way of life. Businesses need to embrace power of social media, and use it to improve their staff retention and their customer experience, not fight against it,” said Lisa Myers, CEO of SEO & Social Media agency Verve Search.

“This isn’t just about attracting and retaining young talent, it’s about how best to create a dialogue with, and retain, your customers. Social media is oxygen to anyone under 30 and it’s vital for communication, education and information. It has huge implications on business success.” He continues, “Business leaders – usually Generation X – have to understand this or they will find the future of their business in jeopardy,” said Justin Fielder, Easynet’s CTO.

Microsoft’s recent purchase of business social networking site Yammer demonstrates the importance of social networking in the workplace.

But enterprises need to rethink.

Baburajan K
[email protected]

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