Enterprise WLAN and Wi-Fi market share list from ABI Research

Enterprise WLAN and Wi-Fi market share details for Q4 2013 are available from ABI Research.

ABI Research said D-Link topped the consumer Wi-Fi shipment market with a 12.7 percent market share in Q4 2013, while TP-LINK dropped to second position with 12.6 percent, and Netgear with 12.4 percent.

ZTE has 33 percent market share in the enterprise WLAN market.

Cisco is in second position with 27 percent, while HP has 8 percent share in WLAN market.

ABI Research forecasts that consumer and enterprise WLAN access point shipments will reach 171.5 million and 25 million respectively at the end of 2019.

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ABI Research said the Wi-Fi customer premises equipment market including access points, routers and gateways shipments surpassed 139.1 million in 2013.

“802.11ac access point adoption is starting to gain market share, representing 8 percent of the total consumer access point market in 2013,” said Jake Saunders, VP and practice director, ABI Research.

More device manufacturers started to ship 802.11ac products in 2013; the majority of them provide dual-band access to support existing 802.11n devices.

Enterprise WLAN and Wi-Fi market share list from ABI Research

“Although 802.11n devices hold the largest market share of the consumer Wi-Fi device shipments in 2013, 802.11n share of shipments is likely to start declining in 2014 as 802.11ac device adoption continues to grow. 802.11ac devices are expected to represent 45 percent of consumer Wi-Fi equipment shipments at the end of 2014,” said Khin Sandi Lynn, industry analyst.

Enterprise Wi-Fi market rose 20 percent to 13.2 million access points in 2013.

802.11ac standard access points accounted for 6 percent of enterprise-sized access points shipped in 2013. Enterprise networking vendor Cisco is the largest 802.11ac enterprise vendor, accounting for nearly 20 percent of access points shipped in 2013.

Connected devices boom, says IHS

Recently, IHS Technology said worldwide production of connected equipment will grow 6 percent to 6.18 billion units this year from 5.82 billion in 2013. This will be the largest increase for the market in four years, surpassed only by the 10 percent hike in production during 2010, a year after the global economic recession ended.

Media tablets and cell phones will thrive this year, with production up 25 percent for the former and 7 percent for the latter. In particular, the outsize presence of market leaders Apple and Samsung will keep average selling prices elevated as a whole, resulting in larger factory revenue projections.

Also expected to do well is the mobile PC segment, including tablet PCs, though production for all personal computers is forecast to rise by 2 percent. A new generation of processors from chipmakers Intel and AMD will enable a new class of entry-level pricing for PC tablets previously kept in the higher-end price range.

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