EMC updates VMAX Family for enterprises

Infotech Lead Asia: EMC has updated its VMAX Family, improving the efficiency for applications in VMware virtualized environments for enterprises.

EMC claims that the EMC VMAX 10K is up to 2X more powerful than its predecessor.

Meanwhile, EMC also introduced new features to the EMC VMAX Family (10K, 20K and 40K) through updates to VMAX Enginuity software.

According to an IDC report, customers rank EMC as the #1 storage choice for mission-critical environments according to a study from IDC.

In the third quarter of 2012, 30 percent of VMAX 10K sales were customers new to the EMC VMAX Family.

“The world’s most sensitive and mission-critical information is stored, managed and protected by EMC. Today we’re delivering another wave of innovation, enabling enterprises of all sizes to access the value of the VMAX Family’s entry-level VMAX 10K. We have thousands of engineers dedicated to inventing new ways for our customers to meet the demands of virtual data centers. As customers continue down their paths to Hybrid Clouds and leveraging Big Data to transform their businesses, we will continue to partner with customers and innovate to accelerate their journey,” said Brian Gallagher, president, Enterprise Storage Division, EMC.


Benefits of updated VMAX Family for enterprises:

Increased performance for critical applications in virtualized environments—achieving up to 100 percent faster performance—with support for faster CPUs with 50 percent more cores. This enables applications like Oracle OLTP in VMware environments to run up to 90 percent faster.

Enhanced protection against data theft and improved compliance in regulated industries (e.g. government and healthcare) with the Data At Rest Encryption (D@RE) feature, which encrypts all data on all drive types without performance penalty. (Already offered on the VMAX 20K and VMAX 40K).

Maximizes existing storage investments with an additional tier of storage—including non-EMC storage arrays—with new support for Federated Tiered Storage feature capability—achieves up-to a 15 percent TCO savings. (Already offered on the VMAX 20K and VMAX 40K).

More efficiency with new support for denser 2.5” drives, enabling 2X more usable drives per tile, which also reduces weight and power consumption on both the VMAX 10K and VMAX 40K by 1/3 compared to 3.5” drives.

As the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, Heritage Auctions relies on VMAX 10K storage for its mission-critical SQL Server-based website and auction applications. Its infrastructure is now over 90 percent virtualized on the VMware platform.

“When we first purchased our VMAX 10K it came bundled with everything one would expect in a virtualization-optimized tier-one solution. With these new updates, EMC is delivering us the operational headroom to effectively handle a 5X spike in performance and demand—with zero impact on our delivery of data to customers. In addition, we plan to use the FTS feature, to maximize our benefit from our legacy storage arrays,” said Brian Carpenter, vice president of IT, Heritage Auctions.


Rackspace customers demand the highest levels of performance and availability. The company is focused on delivering bulletproof reliability and great customer service—that’s why we use VMAX as the foundation for one of our most vital storage solutions, Shared SAN.

“We plan to use EMC’s new performance control feature, part of Enginuity, to determine how much resource (IOPS, bandwidth etc.), to give each user. This is critical in shared environments or when you’re consolidating many applications. With VMAX, we believe we deliver a more reliable infrastructure to support the needs of our customers,” said Chris Wetzel, Solution Line Leader for Dedicated Storage & Data Preservation, Rackspace.

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