EMC opens doors for developers with Project CoprHD

EMC has released Project CoprHD, an open source version of EMC ViPR Controller and a free no restrictions download for non-production use of its ScaleIO software.

Project CoprHD is aimed to address demands of enterprise CIOs.

EMC says CIOs must drive out cost from existing IT without compromising service levels, while using those savings to innovate and enable the building of new transformative and application-centric business models using open development.

The storage vendor promises that commercial software developers can benefit through leveraging an ecosystem of developer partners to help stimulate community-driven innovation around their existing platforms.

ViPR Controller storage automation software centralizes EMC and third-party storage into an open platform. EMC will continue to sell the commercial version of Project CoprHD, the EMC ViPR Controller, as a fully supported offering targeting Third Platform applications that require scale-out storage architectures.

Project CoprHD is expected to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0) and enables customers, partners, developers and other storage vendors to contribute to Project CoprHD’s features and functionality.

Positioned in the data center as a single, open control plane for multivendor storage, Project CoprHD offers the same level of flexibility, choice, security and transparency as ViPR Controller, while adding the ability to create new services and applications.

“By offering access to Project CoprHD, the open source version of EMC ViPR Controller and free downloads of EMC ScaleIO – two key enabling pieces of our Software-Defined Storage portfolio – EMC has turned a corner by delving more deeply into open, collaborative software development with our customers, partners, developers and competitors,” said Jeremy Burton, president Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation.

EMC also previewed future enhancements for ScaleIO. EMC ScaleIO is a software-only solution that turns existing server storage into shared block storage to help empower IT organizations with scalable performance and capacity on demand.

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