Dynamix adds transparent premium video network to its digital video technology suite

Infotech Lead America:  Dynamix announced the availability of its premium video network as part of its online video technology suite.

With this new offering Dynamix can better help brands and agencies plan, place, buy, and verify their dynamic video campaigns better, faster, and more effectively than ever before.

This announcement closely follows the recent launch of STREAMx, Dynamix’s video creative platform.

Dynamix can create and render localized, personalized and interactive in-stream video ads and has access to thousands of premium in-stream video placements across a number of premium publishers and video ad exchanges including ADX, BRX and Adap.tv.

Dynamix primarily focuses on advertising on the in-stream video space. Their clientele include Chrysler, Dove and JetBlue. Brands and agencies can now tap into Dynamix to target and execute online video campaigns across the entire spectrum of digital video inventory- web, mobile, tablet and IPTV.

Jack Cohen-Martin, co-founder and COO, Dynamix, said, “Today’s digital video campaigns are interwoven across limitless channels and touchpoints, increasingly across exchanges and other automated marketplaces and our wider range of capabilities will help eliminate the challenges of reconciling data and strategies across each medium’s own pricing models, targeting systems, and even conversion goals.”

Dynamix’s new STREAMx technology provides an automated way to enhance existing 15- and 30-second television ads with targeted and personalized data and deliver those enhanced video ads across the four major screens – PC/laptop, mobile, IPTV, and tablet devices.

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