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Businesses nowadays are focused to install secure thin client solutions, as security concerns become an increasing priority, Dell said.

“Security is becoming the biggest concern for businesses wanting to implement new technology solutions, and research shows that 95 percent of the risk begins at the endpoint,” said Jeff McNaught, executive director and chief strategy officer, Cloud Client-Computing, Dell.

As such, Dell has put efforts in enhancing security features across its entire Wyse thin client portfolio.

Research agency IDC has placed Dell in the first position as the provider of secure thin client solutions in its Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Client Device Tracker, 2015Q4.

Dell noted that more customers are viewing its Wyse zero client and ThinOS solutions as the manageable way to make their employees more secure.

“While other thin client designs require regular application of security updates, and recommended use of anti-virus software to address advanced persistent threats and memory-based malware, Dell zero clients and ThinOS-based thin clients eliminate the need for such attention by the IT staff,” McNaught said.

Recently, Sony Bank deployed a Dell VDI solution with Wyse 5030 zero clients to replace its PCs.

The Sony Bank found that they improved desktop security through the VDI solution and established an infrastructure to promote greater mobile working.

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