Cisco launches Video Surveillance Manager 7.0



Cisco launche Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 (

Infotech Lead America: Cisco has launched Video Surveillance Manager 7.0.

Customers in sectors such as healthcare, public sector and retail will benefit as they can beyond traditional basic safety and security surveillance deployments and use video through hyper-scalability and ease of configuration.

Cisco is also launching new line of medianet-enabled HD IP video surveillance cameras and remote management services — designed to help IT and security teams partner to implement large scale video deployments.

“Similar to the evolution of telephony, physical security is today becoming an IP-based solution to optimize scalability and reduce complexity and costs. The Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 is a completely redesigned system built from the ground up with Cisco DNA with unprecedented levels of scalability and manageability. Thanks to Medianet, virtualization support, and great application-level APIs, we’re offering our customers unprecedented scale at the lowest levels of TCO,” said Guido Jouret, general manager & CTO, Emerging Technologies Group at Cisco.

Cisco claims that the intelligent network-integrated video surveillance and IT applications provide robust scalability, network aware intelligence, streamlined implementation and simplified management.

By 2013, more than 50 percent of all video surveillance deployments will be managed by IT on the IP network to support bandwidth-heavy video data.

VSM 7.0 is designed for applications such as video recording and provides streaming support for video-enabled locations such as; customer contact centers, integrated oil and gas applications, inventory and warehouse management operations and many others.

VSM 7.0 scales to support up to 10,000 IP Video Surveillance cameras per single Video Surveillance Manager instance, and up to 100,000 cameras when combined with Cisco Physical Security Operations Manager (PSOM).


Chris Fulkerson, assistant vice president for Technology / CIO, Elon University

Every parent’s main concern is security for their college student. This Cisco Video Surveillance System has enabled us to multiply our security and police force by giving us eyes in multiple locations all at the same time. At Elon, the surveillance system has proven to be a real deterrent to crime. Our old system was very labor intensive to install and operate. With this new system it takes just 10 seconds to deploy a camera. We are excited that it gives the power and flexibility directly to police to operate the system instead of requiring so much IT intervention. We are now free to leverage our investment and integrate surveillance with the rest of our physical security systems.

John R. Ames, CTA, Tax Assessor/Collector, Dallas County Tax Office

Delivering excellent customer service is the key to ensuring quality collections. We believe in using technologies to improve efficiencies. Video can be used not only for improved safety of employees but also to improve daily operations with enhanced visibility across our locations.

Rohan Mendis, telecommunications strategy manager at Transport for Greater Manchester in the UK

Working with Cisco, Transport for Greater Manchester has evolved its video surveillance and public safety infrastructure into a scalable and easy to manage platform to provide superior service and protection for the travelling public, our staff and visitors to our City.

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