Cisco Launches AI Assistant for Security, Pioneering AI-Driven Defenses in Cybersecurity

Cisco, a leader in enterprise networking and security, has unveiled the Cisco AI Assistant for Security, marking a significant stride toward embedding artificial intelligence (AI) within the Security Cloud. This innovative move is part of Cisco’s unified, AI-powered, cross-domain security platform designed to aid customers in informed decision-making, augment tool capabilities, and automate intricate tasks.
Cisco AI Assistant for SecurityJeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration at Cisco, emphasized the pivotal role of data in being an AI-first company. He stated, “With our extensive native telemetry, Cisco is uniquely positioned to deliver cybersecurity solutions that allow businesses to confidently operate at machine scale, augmenting what humans can do alone.”

The Cisco AI Assistant for Security arrives at a crucial juncture as cyber threats evolve. According to the new Cisco Talos 2023 Year in Review report, ransomware and extortion attacks persist, constituting 20% of Cisco Talos Incident Response engagements this year. Additionally, sophisticated attacks on networking devices by state-sponsored actors have heightened. To combat these evolving threats, Cisco aims to fortify defenses with machine-driven capabilities at scale.

Leveraging extensive visibility across networks and security realms, Cisco’s AI Assistant for Security is trained on a vast security-focused dataset, analyzing over 550 billion security events daily across web, email, endpoints, networks, and applications. Capable of event triage, impact assessment, root cause analysis, and policy design, the AI Assistant aims to bridge the gap between cybersecurity intent and outcomes, operating within Cisco’s Responsible AI Framework.

Cisco’s recent innovations include:

AI Assistant for Firewall Policy: Debuting within the Cisco Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center and Cisco Defense Orchestrator, this AI Assistant resolves the challenge of managing complex policies and firewall rules. Administrators can now utilize natural language queries for policy discovery and receive rule recommendations, streamlining workflows, enhancing visibility, and expediting troubleshooting and configuration tasks.

AI-powered Encrypted Visibility Engine: Available across the entire Cisco Secure Firewall family with the 7.4.1 Operating System, this feature addresses the encryption dilemma in inspecting traffic. Leveraging AI and billions of samples, including sandboxed malware, the Encrypted Visibility Engine identifies malware within encrypted traffic, discerns the operating system, and identifies client applications without decryption, mitigating operational, privacy, and compliance concerns.

Graham Robinson, Chief Technology Officer at Data#3, a longstanding Cisco partner, expressed excitement about the AI Assistant’s potential to empower customers with AI-driven efficiencies, particularly praising its impact on configuring policy changes within Cisco’s Firewall Management Center. The combined features promise a compelling experience for users, augmenting cybersecurity capabilities in a landscape of evolving threats.

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