Cisco India revenue surges 23 percent in Q2 fiscal 2016

Cisco India
Enterprise networking vendor Cisco said its India revenue grew 23 percent in the second quarter of its fiscal 2016.

The India performance of the enterprise networking major was remarkable, according to Cisco CEO Charles H Robbins.

For comparison, Cisco revenue growth in Americas was flat, EMEA declined 1 percent, and Asia Pacific Japan China grew 17 percent. Cisco said emerging markets grew 7 percent, with the BRICs plus Mexico (BRICM) showing 17 percent growth. Revenue growth in China was 64 percent.

How Cisco segments performed

revenue up 2% to $11.8 billion
product revenue up 2%
switching drop 4%
routing up 5%
collaboration up 3%
WebEx up 17%
data center dip 3%
Wireless flat
SP Video up 37%
Security up 11%

Cisco said enterprise business declined 2 percent, commercial grew 4 percent, public sector was flat and service provider grew 5 percent — in terms of customer segments.

“Our customers and countries around the world know this move to digital is real, and it’s happening now. As we help them through this transition, you will see us operate on two fronts,” said Charles H Robbins.

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