Cisco Extended Care enables patients to interact with care teams from remote locations

Networking vendor Cisco has launched Cisco Extended Care, a browser-based health and wellness collaboration solution.

The new solution allows patients to interact with their care teams from the home, the office or other remote locations.

Cisco Extended Care solution can provide open application programming interfaces (APIs) allowing customers to enable third-party applications and environments, such as video workflow, into their existing patient portal solution, thus protecting existing investments.

David Plummer, general manager, Cisco’s Care-at-a-Distance Solutions, said: “By allowing patients and their care teams the opportunity to connect for both ad hoc and prescheduled video consults, and by providing secure messaging capabilities and online questionnaires, our hospital and clinic customers will be able to operate in a more efficient manner.”


Nearly 80 percent of the 1,547 respondents were open to sharing medical information online, and the majority of those patients were comfortable with the idea of communicating with doctors using technology instead of seeing them in person, according to a recent Cisco survey.

Cisco in a statement said the shift in consumer attitude opens up new opportunities for hospitals and clinics to increase efficiency, while at the same time providing greater continuity of care, driving wellness education and potentially lowering the cost of care delivery.

Cisco Extended Care supports numerous video options, including Cisco Jabber, to provide secure and mobile experience for patients and care teams while providing a high-quality consultative experience at a distance. The browser-based solution also provides a streamlined and user-friendly workflow, including “one-click” video connections.

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