Chunghwa Telecom deploys Radvision video technologies

Infotech Lead Asia: Taiwan’s largest telecom services provider, Chunghwa Telecom has deployed video technologies from Radvision, an Avaya company, to provide cloud-based high definition video conferencing services to companies across Taiwan.

The comprehensive solution from Radvision, with the Scopia Elite Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) forms the core of Chunghwa Telecom’s cloud-based video conferencing platform. Scopia Elite MCUs effectively support telepresence style in-room video conferencing as well as convenient desktop and mobile video communications, or a combination of all. The Scopia Elite MCU provides smooth video streaming enabled by its standards-based scalable video coding (SVC), even when the company’s network is not running at its best

Scopia Desktop and Scopia Mobile can be installed on end users’ Macs, PCs, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to enable convenient on-demand video communications at any time and from any location. This provides access across an increasingly mobile workforce, and enterprises benefit from the productivity gains, cost savings and customer service enhancements that video delivers in a BYOD environment.

Data, such as presentations, spreadsheets, and images can easily be shared during video conferences. Scopia’s data collaboration / slider feature makes it possible for users to view previously materials without interrupting the presenter.

The Scopia Elite MCU is based on industry standards, so it can also interoperate with video solutions from other vendors. Companies with existing equipment can protect and reuse that investment while providing additional services and functionality to a much broader employee base.

Chunghwa Telecom has a dedicated team that works 24/7 to help companies with their video conferencing needs. The Scopia Management Suite gives enterprises the flexibility to manage their own resources through virtual video conferencing management capabilities as if they are managing their own on-premises system.

Other Radvision solutions that Chunghwa Telecom has adopted include Scopia XT room systems, Scopia Pathfinder, and Scopia ISDN Gateway.

Recently Orange Business Services launched the Orange Video Meeting mobile application powered by Scopia Mobile technology from Radvision.

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