CeBIT 2014: Huawei to showcase new enterprise IT solutions

At the CeBIT 2014, Germany, Chinese ICT vendor Huawei will showcase its new enterprise IT solutions.

Patrick Zhang, president, Marketing and Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Our strategy is to become the industry leader of ICT infrastructure and enterprises’ optimal partner for enterprise ICT innovation.”

During CeBIT 2014, Huawei will showcase its ICT technologies in four key ICT domains: agile networking, cloud computing and data center storage, collaboration and mobility.

Huawei will demo agile switch, Huawei S12700, the world’s biggest data center core switch, Huawei CE12800, and OceanStor 18800 high-end storage system, FusionCube solution, distributed cloud data center, telepresence system, Huawei’s TE series of new generation endpoint videoconferencing system, enterprise LTE (eLTE) broadband trunking solution 3.1, as well as bring your own device (BYOD) solutions.


Huawei will showcase solutions for industries covering, smart cities, smart education, integrated healthcare solution, smart grids, media and entertainment industry solutions, and solutions for small to medium enterprises. These solutions target an array of industries, including government and public utilities, energy, large enterprises, and small to medium enterprises.

Huawei partners including, SAP, iSoftStone, Commvalut, Spectator, Respond, PDV, Blue Consult and ComNet, among others, will jointly showcase their latest innovations at CeBIT 2014.

The Huawei interactive zone enables customers and visitors to experience features and uniqueness of Huawei’s enterprise ICT products and solutions.

A number of interactive simulated scenarios and games, including: a wireless intelligent stadium, an advanced internet of things (IoT) model for intelligent buildings, an eLTE-enabled emergency response system for smart cities and a Huawei desktop cloud virtual 3D car race simulation are among the interactive simulations that enterprise customers and visitors can experience firsthand at the Huawei booth.

In the era of big data, ICT infrastructure will become the core competence of enterprises as they transform their business.

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