BT signs communications network deal with Kinross Gold Corp

BT on Wednesday said it signed a communications network deal with Kinross Gold Corp, a gold mining company.

As per the three-year deal with Kinross Gold Corporation, BT will provide a communications network connecting sites in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Chile and Spain. Kinross selected BT Connect, a suite of network services, to bring together and manage the communications network.

David Cefai, CIO Vice President Information Technology, Kinross Gold, said centralized management of IT infrastructure and consolidation of applications for easier management is key to its strategy.


BT Connect services can be delivered in 198 countries and territories, and are constantly improved in terms of coverage, bandwidth and cost effectiveness. BT services are available in locations from towns and cities to the remotest of locations using a range of technologies from Ethernet over fibre to satellite and 3G.

BT provides customers active in the global mining, oil and gas sector with a diverse range of services, from IP VPN connectivity to corporate and remote mining sites to bespoke solutions for oil platforms and exploration vessels.

BT’s solutions address the whole ecosystem of the sector, serving customers upstream and downstream, ranging from companies involved in the exploration, extraction and processing of natural resources to utilities, manufacturers and other large consumers of natural resources.

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