Blue Coat unveils secure web gateway virtual appliance for small branch offices

Infotech Lead India: Web security and WAN optimization provider Blue Coat Systems has unveiled its Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance for small branch offices.

Blue Coat Systems claims that the new Virtual Appliance complements its existing ProxySG appliances and Cloud Service. It provides customers with the flexibility to select the deployment model that meets their security needs on a location-by-location basis.

“For each of our projects, we establish secure, temporary mobile offices that need to be quickly set up, but we didn’t want to use a cloud-based security service due to the proprietary nature of our services,” said Jonathan Townsend, infosec analyst at Wood Group Mustang, a global project management, engineering, procurement, and construction operations company.

In order to address small branch office challenges of limited rack space and IT resources, businesses are shifting to consolidated infrastructure. The new Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance can be deployed on a virtualized server, allowing businesses to support Web security and other critical remote office infrastructure.

“Businesses see the ease of deployment and integration into existing security environments that virtual security appliances provide as an easy way to extend security to branch offices,” said Phil Hochmuth, program manager, security products research at IDC.

The Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance is backed by the WebPulse Collaborative Defense. WebPulse unites 75 million users in a common defense against Web-based threats and other malicious activities. By tracking more than 500 malnets (malware networks), WebPulse provides the industry’s only Negative Day Defense to block attacks before they launch.

“The Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance is a simple and powerful way to seamlessly extend the same on-premise threat protection and policies that ProxySG appliances provide at the corporate gateway to branch offices with limited IT staff,” said Steve Schoenfeld, vice president of product management at Blue Coat Systems.

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