Benefits of Hitachi VSP E990 storage for midsize enterprises

Hitachi Vantara recently introduced Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990, the company’s new storage platform for midsize enterprise customers.
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990The E990’s high performance and low latency supercharge business applications, and data de-duplication guarantees storage cost reductions. Hitachi Ops Center’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven management software can simplify storage provisioning for AI, machine learning (ML) and containerized applications.

The E990 with Hitachi Ops Center provides an NVMe all-flash option for Hitachi Vantara’s solutions for midsize enterprises. Hitachi promises 100 percent data availability guarantee for businesses.

“With the launch of all-new VSP E990, we can deliver the speed and resilience required to protect business continuity, flexibility and pay-per-usage, especially in these testing times. Hitachi VSP family offers industry’s first-ever 100 percent Data Availability Guarantee, and are confident that VSP E990 will be the new benchmark in midrange storage solutions,’’ said Hemant Tiwari, managing director of Hitachi Vantara India.

The company also unveiled EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara, a program that provides simple, elastic and comprehensive acquisition choices for the E990 and the entire Hitachi Vantara portfolio.

EverFlex adds consumption-based pricing models that range from basic utility pricing, to custom outcome-based services, to Storage as a Service. It will align IT spend with business use for midsize enterprises, enabling effective ways to lower cost, avoid wasting capacity and eliminate disruption.

The new Hitachi VSP E990 with Hitachi Ops Center delivers 4:1 data deduplication – twice that of Hitachi’s closest competitor – guaranteeing to free up 75 percent of storage capacity.

Industry analyst firm 451 Research, now a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, suggests 43 percent of storage buyers feel unprepared to support increased future demands. Hitachi Vantara VSP E990 combined with Ops Center directly addresses this challenge.

Ops Center’s AI-enhanced management streamlines storage delivery by up to 90 percent for demanding applications. It reduces manual storage provisioning tasks by up to 70 percent and delivers root cause issue analysis four times faster to accelerate troubleshooting.

One-third of enterprises still suffer outages or significant performance degradation as a result of storage reliability issues. VSP E990 features an all-NVMe architecture with the industry’s leading and lowest-cost IOPS (as low as $0.03 per IOPS) and ultra-low latency for the most resource-hungry business applications.

New EverFlex enables customers to pay for what they use and align technology spending with business use to reduce costs by up to 20 percent, eliminating the need to pay for the essential reserve capacity that every installation needs.

Hitachi said added services are available to reduce costs and avoid disruptions to business by providing outcome-based operational services that help deliver more consistent service levels without placing additional burden on staff.

“Hitachi Vantara has led the industry for decades with proven, reliable data solutions that are time-tested for performance, availability and scalability and backed by our pioneering 100 percent data availability guarantee,” said Brian Householder, president, Digital Infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara.

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