Avaya helps Yanmar America to improve company morale

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Avaya said it has helped Yanmar America to improve its call center quality and to boost company morale.

Yanmar America’s call center and call reporting functions were non-existent, making it hard for the company to provide post-sales customer support.

As a manufacturer of energy systems products, providing service and parts to existing customers is a big piece of Yanmar’s business, but the company’s former hybrid solution simply couldn’t support it.

As such, Yanmar America needed a business communications solution that is intuitive enough that users could customize their own phones, flexible enough to provide mobile and in-office capabilities, scalable enough to grow with the company, easy to deploy and support with a centrally-managed web interface, as well as options for deployment and supportive of new functionality as well as old including fax machines.

Avaya claimed that it has provided following benefits to Yanmar America:

  • Improved call quality during team teleconferences and international customer service calls
  • Boosted company morale, both from employees and the IT team
  • Cost savings between $100 and $200 per trip in international overages

“While we were confident that Avaya would meet all our business requirements, we thought they’d be well above and beyond our budget, but Avaya was, surprisingly, very affordable,” said Brian Williams, IT Manager, Yanmar America, adding that company morale was very positive after the cutover to Avaya .

“We won’t be challenged with an end-of-life, end-of-support issue or predicament like we were with the old system. We’re confident it will be here tomorrow and well into the future, and that we have a solution in place that will grow with our business,” he concluded.

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