AI-Native Networking Platform from Juniper Networks Offers 85% Lower Opex

Juniper Networks has announced a groundbreaking milestone with the introduction of the industry’s first AI-Native Networking Platform.
AI-Native Networking Platform from Juniper NetworksThis platform, purpose-built to harness artificial intelligence (AI), is set to transform end-to-end operator and end-user experiences by ensuring reliability, measurability, and security for every connection across devices, users, applications, and assets.

Trained on seven years of insights and data science development, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform represents a significant leap forward in networking technology. It unifies all campus, branch, and data center networking solutions through a common AI engine and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). This integration enables end-to-end AI for IT Operations (AIOps), providing deep insights, automated troubleshooting, and seamless networking assurance.

Notable features and benefits of the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform include:

Operational Efficiency: Up to 85 percent lower operational expenditures compared to traditional solutions, demonstrating the elimination of up to 90 percent of network trouble tickets, 85 percent of IT onsite visits, and up to a 50 percent reduction in network incident resolution times.

User-Focused Experience: Shifting IT teams’ focus from basic network connectivity maintenance to delivering exceptional and secure end-to-end experiences for various stakeholders, including students, staff, patients, guests, customers, and employees.

CEO Perspective: Rami Rahim, Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks, emphasized the significance of AI in networking, stating, “AI is the biggest technology inflection point since the internet itself, and its ongoing impact on networking cannot be understated. Our AI-Native Networking Platform represents a bold new direction for Juniper, and for our industry.”

The new AI-Native Networking Platform introduces several products that align with the experience-first mission, ranging from more predictable and reliable IT operations using AI to high-performance data center networks designed specifically for AI training and inference.

Enhancements to Marvis VNA and AI for Networking:

Marvis Minis: An AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin powered by Mist AI, offering proactive simulation of user connections to validate network configurations and detect problems without user intervention. Minis utilizes unsupervised machine learning to proactively highlight network issues.

Marvis VNA for the Data Center: The first AI-Native VNA for the data center, providing end-to-end visibility and assurance across all enterprise domains. It addresses issues related to data center cabling, configuration, and connectivity, surfacing suggestions for proactive actions.

Networking for AI: High-Performance and Scalable Networks:

Juniper AI Data Center Solution: An expanded offering for high-performing AI training and inference clusters, utilizing a spine-leaf data center architecture with QFX switches and PTX routers operated by Juniper Apstra.

Express 5 Silicon-based PTX Routers and Line Cards: Promise industry-leading performance and energy-efficient sustainability, supporting massive scale with high-density 800GE capacity.

Advanced QFX Switch: Offers 2X the capacity of the previous generation, using the most advanced Broadcom Tomahawk 5 silicon for 800GE, supporting high 800GE port density and AI infrastructure protocols.

Juniper Networks aims to simplify AI Data Center networking design, deployment, and troubleshooting, allowing customers to achieve more with fewer IT resources. The company’s commitment to openness, standards-based Ethernet fabrics, and advanced technology positions it at the forefront of the AI-Native Networking revolution.

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