3M launches new Passive Optical LAN Solutions for enterprise LAN

Infotech Lead America: 3M has launched new Passive Optical LAN Solutions for the enterprise LAN.

The future-ready fiber-to-the-desktop LAN technology is gaining traction within the industry as the alternative to traditional copper-based Layer 2 Ethernet switches.

Passive Optical LAN is being adopted at a fast pace by large government and enterprise LAN customers attracted to the benefits of significant cost savings including up to 70 percent reduction of equipment and infrastructure, up to 80 percent less power costs because there is no active component required on every floor in the telecom room, and up to 90 percent less space and material requirements.

POL requires less equipment using less energy (compared to traditional enterprise Ethernet LAN switches deployed over 100 Ohm Category copper twisted pair media) which translates to lower deployment and operating expenses for a smarter business solution.

3M draws on the experience of more than 50 years in telecommunications to optimize the Passive Optical LAN Solutions portfolio.

3M POLS products include:

High-Performance Fiber Cable
Innovative One Pass Fiber Pathways for below-the-ceiling
Revolutionary Field Terminated Fiber Connectors
Wall and Rackmount Fiber Distribution Systems
Optimized Splitter Modules and Shelves
Multi-fiber backbone trunks and MPO modules
Various types of Pre-terminated Fiber Cable Assemblies needed for POL
Faceplates and Wall Outlets
Copper Patch Panels and Jacks

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