ZTE achieves 14% market share in videoconferencing terminals in Q4 2013

ZTE achieved 14 percent market share in the shipment of videoconferencing terminals and 15 percent market share in terminals and system platforms revenue in Q4 2013, said Wainhouse Research.

ZTE’s overall market share of the videoconferencing terminals and systems market rose to 11 percent in 2013.

Wainhouse Research — in its report called SpotCheck Group Video Conferencing Q4-2013 and YR-2013 – has ranked ZTE in the world’s top three vendors of video-conferencing systems.

The report noted that videoconferencing market decreased 7 percent in 2013 compared to the same period in 2012.


While markets in Europe and America shrank during the fourth quarter, the market in the Asia-Pacific region experienced rapid growth and the region is quickly becoming the largest market for videoconferencing. ZTE has added market share in the Asia-Pacific region.

The shipment of ZTE video conferencing terminals in Q4 2013 rose to 14 percent from 12 percent in Q3 2013; the revenue for terminals and system platforms rose to 15 percent in Q4 2013 from 12 percent in Q3 2013; and ZTE’s overall market share in terminals and system platforms has risen to 11 percent.

In 2013, ZTE launched the first videoconferencing terminal to support H.265, the first telepresence terminal to support 4-channel HD 1080P60, and the industry’s first smart videoconferencing terminal – smart ET700 open source videoconferencing system.

Qian Min, GM of UC&C, ZTE Corporation, said: “We will continue to invest in developing innovative videoconferencing technology, promoting product competitiveness and helping enterprise customers to realize smart communication using ZTE smart technologies.”

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