Wendy’s bets on data services powered by NCR Commerce Platform

NCR Corporation announced its existing customer Wendy’s will be using NCR Commerce Platform for accessing data services.
NCR Commerce Platform
The NCR Commerce Platform enables Wendy’s to more easily access, better manage and use the data captured through the NCR Aloha point of sale (POS). This empowers franchisees and corporate users to understand and leverage sales, cash management and transaction data to make informed decisions and quickly maximize operational efficiency.

“This platform is highly impactful for our restaurants,” Wendy’s CIO Kevin Vasconi said. “We now have streaming real-time transaction data that goes down to the product level and gives us the ability to make on-the-spot decisions that keep our stores running smoothly and give our customers the best experience.”

Wendy’s plans to further leverage the NCR Commerce Platform and add additional cloud-based services to enhance visibility into its store, sales and product data. This visibility will help identify trends and provide insights to improve operations.

“Our next generation of Aloha uses the NCR Commerce Platform to provide a single source of reliable, timely information. Wendy’s can easily connect to millions of pieces of data it can use to reduce the complexity of running the restaurant,” said Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality.

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