US demands mobile apps for human services: Accenture

46 percent of the recipients of assistance from human services agencies surveyed across the United States would likely download and use a mobile application for obtaining services, said a survey by Accenture.

64 percent would likely use a mobile app to access day-to-day activities like checking their benefits, applying for assistance or submitting questions to caseworkers.

The most common means of citizen interaction with social services agencies is via telephone (32 percent), followed by in-person office visits (23 percent).


When they do make office visits, 49 percent said they are able to get the answers they need in a reasonable amount of time, while 46 percent said they experience long wait times. 9 percent of respondents, on average, say they make use of websites for dealing with their human services-related activities.

Debora Morris, managing director, Accenture Integrated Social Services, said: “Mobile applications also can provide potential benefits to agencies by reducing costs to serve citizens, while freeing up caseworkers for higher value-added activities.”

Accenture estimates that an average-sized U.S. state human services agency could save around $14 million annually by deploying mobile apps for citizens.

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