U.S. Geological Survey signs $850 mn contract with Sanborn Map Company

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has selected the Sanborn Map Company (Sanborn) under an indefinite delivery contract with a ceiling of $850 million.
Dollar spending on technology
This is Geospatial Product and Services Contract 4. Sanborn previously received the GPSC 3 contract. The Geospatial Product and Services Contract allows the agency to negotiate task orders with Sanborn for the next five years.

Clients can access Sanborn’s topographic surveys, hydrographic / bathymetric surveys, geophysical surveys, remote sensing, and other related geospatial technologies. Sanborn specializes in integrating these technologies to support a range of environmental and infrastructure related use cases.

Sanborn has supported USGS mapping initiatives for over 25 years. “Only a handful of firms are awarded a GPSC contract,” says Jason Caldwell, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Sanborn.

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