Tech contracts: Fireblocks, Xsolla, Delvitech, Members Mobile

Several companies – Fireblocks, Xsolla, Delvitech, Members Mobile, — have announced their technology contracts to enhance operation efficiency, business growth, etc.

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Freename, a provider of Web3 domain services, has revealed its tech contract with Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain.

Freename will enhance security through Fireblocks’ battle-tested direct custody solution, safeguarding Freename users’ Web3 domains and reducing the risk of unauthorized access or theft.

Additionally, Freename will gain from Multi-Signature Authentication, enabling users to implement robust security measures.

NEP Group

Dubai Media has signed an agreement with NEP Group, a media services provider supporting premier broadcasters and content creators, to enhance cooperation and exchange expertise in various media services fields.


Xsolla, a video game commerce company, announced a partnership with Curve Games, the London-based publisher of several notable independent games.

The alliance will leverage Xsolla’s Web Shop to support Curve Games in showcasing its video games via a product page, boosting revenue and maximizing the potential of each title.


Delvitech, a provider of 3D automated optical inspection for assembled printed circuit boards leveraging artificial intelligence, has joined forces with Eurotech, a global innovator in ultra-high-performance Edge AI Computers, to revolutionize quality control technology.

This tech contract between Delvitech and Eurotech boosts the efficiency of assembling printed circuit boards, increasing assembly machine uptime and significantly reducing waste and rework.

Members Mobile

Members Mobile announced a partnership with i-new, a leading global MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) to accelerate and enhance mobile phone services for credit union members.

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