Teamchat brings instant messaging to enterprise users

Teamchat is the new instant messaging app for enterprises.

The service brings instant, real-time messaging capability of popular consumer messaging applications to enterprises.

While there are a number of consumer-oriented messaging apps, enterprises find them hard to use since they limit group size and overwhelm with excessive number of messages.

Teamchat brings the same instant, real-time messaging capability of popular consumer messaging applications to enterprises. This will enable organizations to greatly improve communications amongst its employees, partners, agents, distributors, and suppliers using a mobile-first messaging experience, the company said.

Ravi Rundararajan, COO,  and Beerud Sheth, CEO,TeamchatSales team managers can use the app to generate real-time sales reports from nationwide sales teams. Marketing managers are using it to poll their teams about new product features and competitive information. HR managers are using it to gather employee feedback, deliver instant reward and recognition and attendance management. Service managers are using it to track their field technicians in real-time to improve customer response times.

The messaging app finds applications in all types of businesses. Retail organizations, for example, are using it to track store sales and metrics across nationwide retail outlets. In each of these cases, Teamchat enables instant, actionable communication within enterprise organizations.

The most important benefit of Teamchat is that it avoids excessive message clutter. It contains smart messages that automatically aggregate replies and update themselves.

For example, when a user posts a poll in the group, the message updates itself automatically with the aggregate result when other group members reply to it. No matter how many users respond to the poll, it’s just one message in the conversation thread.

To help marketing activities, Teamchat comes with numerous templates including poll, survey, number tracker, comment, multi-field forms, comment, location, nominate, etc.

“Teamchat makes enterprises truly agile by enabling instant, actionable communication across large organizations, without being overwhelmed by message clutter,” said Beerud Sheth, founder and CEO of Teamchat.

“Teamchat is profoundly transforming enterprise communications in the same way that popular messaging apps have transformed consumer communications,” Sheth added.

Teamchat is available for all popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Firefox, etc., as well as web devices. It is sold through major app stores.

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