Schneider Electric reveals how APM solutions improve efficiency

Schneider Electric's Asset PerformanceSchneider Electric has explained how the energy management and automation company has assisted Duke Energy and Ascend Performance Materials to improve business efficiency.

Duke Energy prevented an estimated $35 million cost from early warning detection of a steam turbine problem.

Ascend Performance Materials responds faster to alerts with actionable intelligence, saving an estimated $2 million through avoided plant shutdowns alone.

Chemical company BASF is implementing AR to improve asset performance, reliability and utilization while increasing production efficiency. During maintenance work execution, technicians can now leverage an augmented digital representation of the asset to improve efficiency and safety.

Ascend Performance Materials and Duke Energy are using Schneider Electric’s enhanced cloud platform that comes with predictive and prescriptive maintenance capabilities, while BASF is implementing AR.

Another client, WaterForce has partnered with Schneider Electric to develop an IIoT remote monitoring and control system in the cloud that allows farmers to operate irrigation pivots with agility, efficiency and sustainability.

Schneider Electric has achieved increase in the customer adoption of its Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions. Schneider Electric made investments in the cloud, advanced machine learning and augmented reality (AR) to maximize their return on capital investment and to improve profitability.

“Defining and executing an asset performance strategy is a critical component to improving productivity while safeguarding business continuity,” said Kim Custeau, Asset Performance Management Business Lead at Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric is cash in on its clients investment in Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 that provide new opportunities to improve overall business performance, particularly for APM.

Ralph Rio, vice president Enterprise Software at ARC Advisory Group, said users reported that moving from preventive maintenance to predictive or prescriptive approaches provided a 50 percent savings in maintenance labor and MRO materials.

New Partnerships

MaxGrip and Schneider Electric announced a partnership to expand APM consulting and add Risk-based Maintenance capabilities. The APM assessment is a critical first step for industrial companies to evaluate their asset reliability and digital transformation strategy.

Schneider Electric and Accenture completed development of a Digital Services Factory to build and scale new predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and energy optimization offerings. A large food and beverage company saved over $1 million in maintenance costs as a result of these partnerships.

Schneider Electric said it has already deployed 2 million Industrial Software Platform licenses at 100,000+ sites, processing 10+ trillion daily transactions spanning 20+ billion operating parameters to support complex and mission critical industrial operations.

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