Ruckus Wireless prices ZoneFlex R300 Smart Wi-Fi indoor access points at $395

Ruckus Wireless today announced ZoneFlex R300, a dual-band, two-stream 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi indoor access points (APs) for SMBs – at a price of $395.

Capable of delivering an aggregate data rate of up to 600 Mbps, the R300 is suited for small venues and enterprises with many branch locations.

Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless, said: “Combined with SAMS, our Cloud controller service, the R300 provides a whole new economics model to customers and partners. They are the first in a comprehensive solution roadmap we’ve developed to expand our market reach.”

U.S. Census data shows that there are more than 6 million businesses in operation today with less than 100 employees each in the U.S. alone.

Dell’Oro Group says WLAN revenues for the small business market in 2013 reached over $4.5 billion,

The company said Ruckus R300 is suitable for organizations looking to migrate to new Cloud-based Wi-Fi access services such as the recently announced Ruckus Smart Access Management Service (SAMS).

The ZoneFlex R300 supports up to 256 active connections.

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