Powa Technologies announces PowaPOS retail solution

Powa Technologies today announced PowaPOS retail solution that enables commerce online, offline, and everywhere.

PowaPOS platform, the next generation in retail Point of Sale, features all-in-one tablet-based POS system, along with the world’s smallest EMV-ready card acceptance device, tablet OS support, and a server and POS software developer program.

“The PowaPOS platform is a ground-up redefinition of how POS and payments should be delivered today,” said Jeffrey C Dumbrell, CEO, PowaPOS.

PowaPOS solutions will enable retail banks, payment service providers, third-party processors, mobile network operators and systems integrators to provide mobile and tablet-based POS services to their customers through an array of products and services.

Powa Technologies announces PowaPOS retail solution

PowaPOS T-Series is the first POS platform that integrates all major tablet platforms, with a high-speed printer, 2D barcode/QR code scanner, cash drawer, EMV payment terminal and multiple expansion ports.

PowaPIN is the world’s smallest EMV chip-and-pin acceptance device designed for next generation mobile payment applications.

PowaPOS SDK provides smartphone and tablet OS support, a single API for simple integration; and seamless integration with PowaTag, promising a more contextually relevant interaction between merchants and consumers.

PowaPOS Server is a comprehensive enterprise payment system and management tool designed to enable these next generation POS devices, and

The PowaPOS Developer Program provides advanced tools and support infrastructure to simplify integration with PowaPOS products and services.

David Russell, sales director for UK-based Secure Retail, said: “PowaPOS T-Series gives Secure Retail a real opportunity to take the UK by storm and capitalize on the emerging tablet-based POS market. The flexible multi-platform solution, along with a user-friendly SDK, will give our customers and partners a fantastic product choice and speed to market to deliver a market leading solution to the retail and hospitality industries.”

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