Polycom announces audio and video innovations to aid enterprises

Videoconferencing solutions vendor Polycom today announced audio and video innovations to aid enterprises.

Polycom said Polycom EagleEye Producer, a facial recognition technology, creates a more natural, production-like experience. It finds everyone in the discussion and automatically frames them for clear view – even when new people join or leave the room.

It reports data including the number of participants at the start of the meeting, the end and the total time each attended.

Polycom NoiseBlock technology eliminates noises such as paper shuffling, crinkling food wrappers and keyboard typing from interrupting conversations.

Polycom business meeting

Polycom Acoustic Bubble technology, available in Polycom RealPresence Desktop video collaboration software, automatically removes unwanted noise from a call, including background conversations, city street noise or other peripheral sounds, without the end user having to hover over the mute button.

“The innovations we have unveiled are a direct reflection of that commitment and our vision to unleash the power of human collaboration. With the right combination of technology, people and processes, organizations can improve productivity, boost innovation and hone their competitive edge,” said Polycom CEO Peter Leav.

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