NCR and Kiwibank Strengthen Partnership to Enhance ATM Services for Customers

In a significant development for the banking landscape in New Zealand, NCR Corporation, a renowned enterprise technology provider, has announced the expansion of its partnership with Kiwibank, the country’s largest locally owned bank. This expansion aims to revolutionize the banking experience for Kiwibank customers through an innovative ATM as a Service solution.
NCR’s Allpoint ATM NetworkNCR will assume responsibility for managing Kiwibank’s network of over 200 ATMs, both within branches and at offsite locations. This strategic move builds upon an 11-year collaborative journey between the two entities, during which Kiwibank’s ATM capabilities and performance have been greatly enhanced through NCR’s managed services and solutions.

Under this new arrangement, Kiwibank’s ATMs will be integrated into NCR’s Allpoint Network, which spans the length and breadth of New Zealand. This integration promises customers fee-free ATM transactions at Kiwibank ATMs, ensuring that they can access their funds conveniently without incurring additional charges. Looking forward, in 2024, Kiwibank customers will enjoy expanded access to NCR’s Allpoint Network, providing them with surcharge-free access to Allpoint ATMs across the country.

Mark Stephen, Kiwibank’s Chief Customer Officer, Retail, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s evolution. “This move is part of our exciting multi-year transformation of our products, services, and technology to meet the needs of our customers,” he stated.

He further highlighted the customer-centric nature of this collaboration, noting that NCR’s ATM as a Service solution would bring Kiwibank customers closer to expert management and operations, thereby facilitating quicker adoption of innovative features.

NCR Corporation’s continued dedication to fostering cutting-edge banking experiences aligns seamlessly with Kiwibank’s commitment to offering its customers the latest advancements in financial services technology. This expanded partnership marks a pivotal step forward in the evolution of New Zealand’s banking landscape, promising enhanced convenience, accessibility, and innovation for Kiwibank’s ever-growing customer base.

As the partnership between NCR Corporation and Kiwibank enters this exciting new phase, the future of banking in New Zealand seems poised for remarkable transformation, setting new standards for customer satisfaction and technological excellence.

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