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Apple announced the launch of a subscription service aimed at helping small-business owners manage the Apple devices used by their employees.
Apple iPhone 12 5G smartphone for businessBusiness Essentials from Apple is similar to management software that companies such as Microsoft or VMware sell to large business for setting up and keeping secure their fleets of phones, laptops and tablets, Reuters reported.

Apple’s version is simplified for businesses with between 50 and 500 employees that have either a small IT department or none at all.

The price of Business Essentials from Apple is between $2.99 and $12.99 per month per user depending on how many devices a business wants to manage for each employee and how much cloud storage the business wants.

Apple will also offer a service to repair or replace broken hardware at a business within four hours for an additional monthly cost.

Maribel Lopez, principal analyst at Lopez Research, said the pairing of management software with a repair service subscription is unique in the industry. “People are going to think that part doesn’t matter, but I think they’re underestimating the power of being able to get really good service.”

Apple said it will start beta testing the Business Essentials in the United States on Wednesday. It will be free till next year. Apple plans to expand the service to other locations in the future, executives said.

It’s similar to offerings from Apple rivals who are more established in providing tools to businesses and schools, such as Google and Microsoft. Those two companies dominate the education and business services markets, CNBC reported.

Apple Business Essentials service includes 24/7 Apple support and iCloud storage. It can assist small businesses for device setup, employee onboarding, etc. It comes with an app that allows employees to install work applications.

The announcement also ties into Apple’s push to sell more digital services to its customers, such as streaming video and music subscriptions.

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