Mobility tips to enterprise CIOs by Nihilent Technologies

Sandeep Gupta, Banking SME at Nihilent Technologies, has shared some of the tips for enterprise CIOs on mobility.

Nihilent provides solutions for BFSI covering organization landscape across people, process, technology and knowledge through its patented frameworks. Its latest offerings for BFSI are around Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC as the acronym goes). Under mobility, it offers mobile banking and mobile payments solutions. Our other key offerings include social media for fraud analytics and cloud-based core banking solutions.

Mobility trends

Technology is leaning towards digitization. “By digitization, we mean going paperless end-to-end. Be it front office operations like sales and advisory, middle office departments like risk, compliance etc., or back office which consists the entire set of activities like claims processing, database maintenance etc., everything is getting digitized,” said Sandeep Gupta, Banking SME at Nihilent Technologies.

Its main customers are some of the banks and insurance companies in South Africa including Standard Bank and Nedbank. In addition, it also serves non-banking financial institutions like Bayport. It has clients in retail banking, corporate and investment banking domains. Other than BFSI, it also operates in verticals like media & entertainment, healthcare, CPG & retail etc.

Some of the key benefits its customers have derived from our solutions include: 1) reduced cost of operations (or increased operational efficiency), 2) employee performance improvement, 3) consolidation or centralization of business processes and 4) better perception and market positioning as  progressive banking institutions.

CIO tips

Fit for purpose: The solution being offered should fit the purpose/objective of the organization in the long term.

Consistency: Consistency of delivery quality and stability of the vendor company are important factors as well while selecting the right solution.

Flexibility and scalability: An enterprise solution has to be flexible enough to work across technology platforms, and scalable to match increasing bandwidth.

Stability and availability: the solution should be extremely stable and available, with shorter recovery point objectives (RPO).

Experience: It makes sound business sense to review the vendor’s past and current engagements. In addition, client testimonials will always be a reassuring factor.

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