Mitsuba reduces network traffic by 49% after deploying Verizon WAN solution

Mitsuba has reduced its network traffic by more than 49 percent after deploying Verizon’s global Wide Area Network Acceleration solution.

Verizon said Mitsuba of Japan, manufactures of transportation equipment and information services, also doubled bandwidth capacity over the company’s existing networks. This is in addition to cost benefits.

The American telecom and enterprise vendor assisted Mitsuba to benefit from wide-area-network optimization capabilities that could integrate with Cisco’s Wide Area Application Services. This would enable the organization to collaborate and share information and ideas to drive innovation


Shigeo Sekita, Mitsuba’s operating officer of information systems, said: “It was important for us to identify a single provider to manage our network across all our markets to enable us to focus our internal efforts on business application development rather than day-to-day network support.”

Verizon solution for Mitsuba included network design and implementation, supported with network monitoring and performance reporting in accordance with Verizon’s stringent service level agreements. In addition, the analytics report provided to Mitsuba enabled its IT executives to monitor network flow and keep a tight lid on costs.

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