Kensington Hill Capital deploys DailyPay to provide on-demand pay

Kensington Hill Capital, a Jimmy John’s franchisee, has partnered with DailyPay to provide access to on-demand pay to its Jimmy John’s employees.
DailyPayKensington Hill Capital, based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the quick service restaurants (QSR) to deploy daily pay benefits for its 43 Jimmy John’s restaurants across Ohio, Florida and Georgia. The benefit allows employees to pay bills on time, cover emergency expenses, and have more control over their finances.

Recent research shows that employees with DailyPay stay up to 72 percent longer in their job. The data also shows that companies are able to fill positions 53 percent faster while 52 percent of job seekers polled saying they want an on-demand pay benefit in their next job.

Kensington Hill Capital leverages DailyPay to hire employees and retain them for longer. Companies who use DailyPay reduce turnover by an average of 62 percent, helping employers save on turnover costs and invest in their employees. 45 percent of Kensington Hill Capital’s employees are currently using DailyPay.

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