IBM bolsters Mobility Services with cloud and analytics

IBM is bolstering its Mobility Services portfolio with cloud and analytics capabilities.

The new Mobile Infrastructure Analytics services from IBM use analytics applications delivered through a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), allowing businesses gain visibility into how their  mobile applications are being used, whether by their own employees or customers.

The service then delivers insights into any issues that may exist with a business’s infrastructure, which could affect the performance of mobile devices.

Mobility adoption in enterprises is skyrocketing. Over 1 billion employee owned smartphones and tablets will be in use throughout enterprises by 2018, says a new research from Juniper Research.

enterprise_mobilityBy leveraging the power of cloud and analytics, companies can turn their mobility initiatives into a powerful business strategy. Mobility initiatives are found to strengthen the sales and marketing activities while also improving employee productivity.

The new solution helps enterprises implement mobility initiatives without getting into complexities of integrating new infrastructure, IBM said.

IBM claims companies can roll out applications to thousands of mobile devices in a matter of hours rather than months while giving global workforces quick and secure access to these applications as well as their data and personalized desktops.

“Now these businesses need the tools that let them manage the performance of their applications to make sure they deliver impactful results from any individual’s device of choice,” said Rich Esposito, general manager, Mobility Services.

The new mobile analytics service uses an analytics correlation engine designed by IBM Research to examine data collected from mobile devices.

The tool presents the data through a dashboard so businesses can easily spot problems with mobile device performance and quickly improve the user experience to avoid costly failed transactions, user abandonment, poor app store rankings and negative feedback.

The service also leverages Tealeaf CX Mobile, which manages the customer experience on mobile devices.

IBM also announced a new desktop-as-a-service offering that brings the capabilities of powerful desktop to mobile devices as a subscription service delivered via IBM Cloud.

The service pack, which includes Citrix Workspace Suite,  extends the full capabilities of virtualization from the traditional PC to the mobile device, turning an enterprise’s “on the go” workforce into its greatest asset, the company said.

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